2016 - 168 Hours

All things are not equal but everybody gets the same 168 hours in a week. And we make time for what truly matters.

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I wear many hats and enjoy many things in life. Learn more about my life journey.


From biking to home improvement to technology, I love just doing!


The journey is, from the bottom up; heart, mind, body and spirit.


My professional career is at Educational Service Unit 10 in Kearney, Nebraska as the Blended Learning Coordinator.


  • Kids Should Code!

    Our students have the opportunity to change the world, and there are many many ways they’ll be able to do that. From building skyscrapers to figuring out our pollution problems. From curing cancer to developing the next social media platform. […]

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  • 9 Learnings by Maria Popova

    As you run through this finish line of a workweek we call Friday – out of breath and tired because of the hard work and impact you have made – here is a little perspective that may be worth investigating. […]

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  • Today is Monday!

    Yesterday was Sunday… and I heard some very inspirational words yesterday that I’d like to share and believe are applicable to our work. The context: new pastor being installed at Kearney eFree. His mentor, Tom Shirk of Calvary Bible Church, […]

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  • Nebraska ELA Draft Standards – Word/Phrase Frequency

    As ESU 10 and consortium schools embark on a new endeavor of working with the new English Language Arts standards, I thought it would be interesting to see what they would look like from a different perspective. What are the […]

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  • Ed Tech Leadership: C.A.R.E

    You have a passion for education. You have a passion for using technology in your classroom or district. To be more effective and efficient with the students you serve. To grow and use the skills, knowledge, and understanding you have to give […]

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  • Evernote: My Second Brain

    I love productivity apps and software to help me get things done. Whether that be at home or at the office, I’ll try just about any new utility that claims to help one be more productive. But I have never found […]

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  • Visits with Daisy

    This story is a story I recently wrote for the Kearney Area Animal Assisted Programs. Daisy has (or rather Dad has…) taken this year off from volunteering but hopes to be back doing pet therapy work after other obligations are finished. […]

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  • 4 Simple Rules for an Effective Presentation

    “Is he really reading these slides to me?” 
    “What did he just say?” 
    “Why am I here again?” 
    “How much longer can I sit through this presentation?” 
    If you’ve sat through enough presentations, I am sure these are questions you have asked yourself. Numbed […]

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  • The Power of Connecting


    I recently overheard a teacher, Jeff Paige, telling another colleague about his trip to ISTE this summer. He was describing all the wonderful opportunities he encountered and learned about in San Antonio and one statement popped out at me that […]

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  • Teacher Productivity Tools – Must Haves!

    There are classroom tools and there are productivity tools. Some may overlap but this list is mostly for general teacher productivity.

    Google Apps for Education – GAFE (The swiss army knife of tools)

    Chrome Browser

    Evernote (Take and organize your notes)

    Skitch (Annotate your notes)
    Penultimate (For those who still […]

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