• Info Literacy Workshop

    Here are the tools and links we worked on and talked about in our Information Literacy workshop today.

    Links to resources from first presentation:

    Links to Workshop Outline done in Google Notebook:

    Dueling Tools
    This is a sharing time for participants to share a tech tool with others. It is time well spent sharing resources others use in the classroom!

    • Grand Central by Google – One phone number for ALL your phones and voice mailboxes
    • Jott.com – Voice recognition: Call a message in to Jott and Jott will email or text your party.
    • Twitter.com – microblogging – find out what your network of friends are doing.
    • MLA Citation source – Cite several types of sources such as books, website, etc.
    • iGoogle – a dashboard to your online digital life!
    • Atomic Learning – Professional development resources for you to learn all types of software applications.
    • Net Trekker – Great subscription database for student research.
    • Apple Education – Resources on all types of integration ideas.
    • McGraw-Hill – Lessons that use technology.
    • Quia – the Quintessential Instructional Archive.
    • NoodleTools – Research tools for students and teachers.
    • TrackStar – Create collections of annotated websites for your students.
    • Jing Project – Capture your computer screen to share with others.

    Others that we talked about during the day:

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  1. dstall says:

    Thanks for letting me crash the party today! You know I LOVE that dualing tools bit! I always get a lot out of that and everything else in the Info Lit workshop. I will be anxious to see how that is used by teachers and how students are responding to the search strategies.

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