NECC 2008

NECC 2008 for me was about self-directed professional development and how teachers manage their learning of new technologies and classroom integration. ISTE’s publication of the new NETS for Teachers provides a framework for teachers as they transition their classroom into a digital age learning environment.

NETS for Teachers Web Link:

There are many opportunities for teachers to stay abreast of new trends and classroom integration. Here is a list of several options teachers may have in staying connected. This is by no means a comprehensive list and should be used only as a starting point. Start with one and when you are comfortable, add another resource to your repertoire.

  • Local Technology Coach – Start with your local building technology support and find out what opportunities your local district and/or regional support center can provide.
  • Blogs – There are teachers out there just like you who are writing about those issues affecting you, your grade level and particular curriculum. Ex:
  • Social Networks such as Ning – These can be a great place to lurk and/or post questions to topics of interest to you. Ex:
  • Online Classes , Conferences and Workshops – A great way to learn at your own pace. Ex:
  • Webinars – Another way to enhance your knowledge with out spending too much time, money, or travel. Ex:

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  1. I love the buffet analogy and the link to the Breakfast Buffet blog post. I also have run into a few posts and a video on keeping things simple. It’s so hard to do sometimes but it’s what we need. Being inundated with more and more and more and more isn’t always the answer. We have to stop and choose sometimes!

    Thanks Josh…

  2. “Short and sweet”…is very appropriate, especially since you gave us some helpful links. Anyone, just starting in this process, would have valuable resources. Therefore it is not overwhelming, IMHO.

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