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    Polls are open in Nebraska until 8pm. For location info visit: VoteForChange.com

    Just a little reminder to go out and vote. (Not that I would have missed THIS election!) Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to send our students a reminder on their phones to let them know of an upcoming quiz or test? Maybe they need to do an extra workout for volleyball on Saturday. Just a gentle reminder to read chapter 4 before tomorrow? Whatever it may be, sometimes a little note to remind us is helpful.

    Send them a text message. Collect their phone numbers and create a group on your phone to send them a message. It will take some time to set it up initially but after it is set up, it only take the time to write a text message.

    Can’t or don’t want to text on your phone? You can also send an email message to a phone. For example: get your students phone number, format an email message, send it to their phone. If they use Alltel, the email address is 3085551212@message.alltel.com. Try it! Send yourself a message using your phone number in place of the number in the email address. Then, set up a distribution list will all the phone number/email addresses and send one message to the whole group!

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