Google – Advanced Searches

Your challenge today is to refine your searches so that you only see a relevant number of results applicable to the search you are doing. When doing searches, it is easy to just take the first couple results and assume they are the best. Google does a good job of putting relevant information at the top but it also can’t read your mind.

That’s where Advanced Search comes in. It lets you think about those keywords that work with your search. With the advanced search, it is easier to find results based on:


  • All search terms you enter (AND)
  • An exact phrase you type (“quotes”)
  • At least one of the words typed (OR)
  • Words you DON’T want in your search (NOT)


And more…. let’s consider some examples.

You want to do a search for dolphins and are finding that the football team keeps intruding your results.  Your search could look something like this: 

dolphins “marine mammal atlantic OR gulf miami football

You will find a host of other options in both the Advanced Search, Search Features and the More Google Products page.

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