Even Apple’s Time Machine needs to be checked on. Just found out I was unable to access pictures I moved off my laptop. I hope there is another copy somewhere. I guess it goes to show I need to do a better job organizing my digital media. Digital clutter!! Argh…


365 Days in Pictures…

This is the start of my goal to post an image a day for one year. The idea is to post something of significance that happened that day. With the purchase of my new phone, it will be easier to share what is important to me each day. I hope you enjoy my journey. I’ll start with a picture hanging in my office. It’s “A NEW AND ACCVRT MAP OF THE NEW WORLD” – 1626.

Office Map

Fall Edutopia Newsletter Highlights

Just wanted to share highlights from a recent Edutopia newsletter titled “How to Bring Outdoor Education to Your Class.” You can find the online version here.

Take a Hike: How to Make Being Outdoors In

As gaming devices supplant games of catch, schools counter nature-deficit disorder with outdoor experiences.

by Susan Brenna

Though his parents once lived in the countryside in Mexico, Juan Martinez grew up in crowded Los Angeles, barely noticing the earth and sky that was masked by the concrete and smog. Six years ago, when Martinez was fifteen, his science teacher proposed he earn extra credit and raise his failing grade by joining the school’s ecology club. He found he liked working in the school garden, which led to a trip to the Teton Science Schools, in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park. It changed his life.

More at Take a Hike: How to Make Being Outdoors In | Edutopia.

It’s All Happening at the Zoo School: Innovative Education with Practical Applications

At Minneapolis’s School of Environmental Studies, learning is about becoming an expert and solving real problems.

by Diane Curtis

When Mark LaCroix and his classmates at Minnesota’s School of Environmental Studies (SES) discovered patches of buckthorn crowding out native species at a local park, they didn’t just write up their findings as a science report to be read by the teacher and then handed back. They compiled data in a form familiar to government agencies and submitted a technical report to local officials, who used the information to direct park gardeners to eradicate the invasive plant.

More at It’s All Happening at the Zoo School: Innovative Education with Practical Applications | Edutopia.

Five Tips for Introducing Outdoor Education to Your Class

Follow these easy-to-implement suggestions about how to go outside with learning.

by Andrea Mills

This how-to article accompanies the feature “Early-Childhood Education Takes to the Outdoors.”

Here are five ways to adopt the ideas behind the Waldkindergarten concept:

    1. Partner with a Local Nature Center
    2. Connect with a Natural-Education Initiative
    3. Network with Other Professionals
    4. Bring the Forest to Campus
    5. Gear Up

via Five Tips for Introducing Outdoor Education to Your Class | Edutopia.