Garage Project #1426

I love woodworking! My latest project is derived from a little remodel project we did this summer. (Yes, this summer! And I am just NOW finishing.) As we were tearing out some built-in cabinets, we discovered a HUGE hole in the drywall to the back of our fireplace. Disaster to say the least. Not what were were expecting! I guess you never know what to expect in a remodel project. Well, as we thought about it, we decided to see if the space was suitable for storage of some sort. There is really quite a bit of room that is wasted back there and it really would be a nice place to keep game, ironing board, etc. So, instead of closing up the hole with drywall, we decided to put a door there. I know I could have purchased a door but I thought it would be cheaper (yes, I am a cheapskate) to just build on myself. And the door you see in this picture is the result. I’ll have to post a picture when it is actually hanging!


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