Just another sunset on the way home. I love living where we do! Something about the sunrises to start the day and the sunsets to finish them in style!

331 – Assignment 1.2

Assignment 1.2

As stated in Chapter 2 of your text, critical thinking involves an integrated set of thinking abilities and attitudes, including thinking actively, exploring situations, thinking independently, viewing situations from different perspectives, and discussing ideas in an organized way. For this assignment, you will analyze a fictional court case with Mary Barnett as the defendant.  First, read the information in Chapter 2 regarding the case. Then analyze the key dimensions of this court case and give a verdict.  Synthesize your thoughts regarding this case in a few paragraphs in which you explain the reasons and evidence that influenced your verdict. Then add your responses to any three of the following analysis questions at the end of your paragraphs.

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Left Daisy’s water dish in the garage and it froze into a wild pattern. Cole was playing with it in the sink and this is the result.

331 – Assignment 1.1

Assignment 1.1

Chapter 1 of the text introduces critical thinking as an active process and lays the foundation for achieving goals, making effective decisions and learning to think creatively.  For this assignment, you will analyze a future decision. First, describe an important decision in your academic or personal life that you will have to make in the near future. Then, using the five-step decision-making approach described in Chapter 1, analyze your decision and conclude with your “best” choice. Using your webcam, share your analysis with your colleagues.

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Cole’s first basketball game with the Upward league. He had a great time! Had to figure out what offense and defense was – he was on defense the whole time! Finally got it by the second half.

The Green Office

My effort at going green in the office. I recycle mostly paper but I also have the occasional plastic water bottle and the occasional aluminum can that gets taken to the recycle bins.