Apples? Lemons? Christians?


The Giving Trees - From the Gallery Osborne

I was compelled to write tonight in reflection of our sermons this morning. It started with our children’s sermon. What a great way to engage and get the adults thinking about the Gospel and the Gospel Sermon. As Colvin was up front with the other children, I was amazed at how clear the pastor’s analogy was to me. It started with an apple tree. He asked the kids, how can you tell an apple tree? Well, duh! Because it has apples! Okay, so how can you tell a lemon tree? Well, maybe it’s because of those round yellow things dangling from the branches. What’s this have to do with anything? Then, the next question sealed it for me – How can you tell a Christian? Wow! How powerful is that? It should be pretty easy to tell (just like the fruit tree) by the good things we do for others. By going to Church and learning with other Christians. By doing good deeds and going out of our way for others. By our witness to Christ. By modeling and teaching our children that He is the light. By humbly getting on our knees and praying for his guidance, forgiveness and thanking him for the blessings he bestows on us every day. By picking up the Bible and reading his word.

I know I fall short. I am in good company. But as I reflect today I have a few things I’d like to address with myself.

  • Life is fast. Complex. Overwhelming at times. How can I simplify?
  • What is most important?
  • In what aspects of my life can I go “deeper”? Gain a richer understanding.
  • What can I do for others to enrich their lives?
  • What hats do I wear and how can I model a Christian life in each?
  • In this time of giving, what is my gift to humanity? Am I leaving a legacy He would like?

Lastly I come back to one thing: Simply. Simplify in Heart – Mind – Body – Spirit

Apple iLife – Teaching and Learning Outside the Box

Inspire creativity. Open possibilities. Expand opportunities of expression.

Apple iLife Logo

iLife is that special suite of software applications that lets you express yourself differently. It¹s the software suite that lets you build what¹s in your mind. It let¹s you do amazing projects with music, video, images and more. Spanning the multiple intelligences, you will find something that suites your creative abilities. And with iLife¹s new version you will find it even easier and more feature rich. With iPhoto, iMovie, Garageband, iWeb and iDVD, you have a portable studio where ever you go!


iPhoto LogoThis application lets you organize, edit and publish your images. Organizing is a snap with photo albums, events, face recognition, location awareness and more. Organized photos are usable with a host of other applications on the mac in a very intuitive way. Students and teachers alike can create great projects right within iPhoto using their pictures also. It¹s very simple to create a slideshow using a variety of transitions and music from your iTunes library. You can also create real books with a wide choice of layouts with your images. The latest version also lets you create cards with many templates to choose from. Lastly,  you¹ll want to share your images.

You are able to share on websites, Facebook or with other applications.


iMovie IconThis powerful tool is for the budding cinematographer. Choosing from themes, you can create fun movie trailers, news broadcasts and other fun projects.

The new version brings back the timeline and other familiar features to make editing video projects a joy. Creating digital stories, PSA¹s (Public Service Announcements), commercials and news broadcasts is a great use of iMovie. You can use it with any age and with any curriculum. Build better writing skills using scripts or stronger organizational ability with storyboarding. Share your video on your website, Facebook, YouTube, burn a DVD or send it to CNN iReporter! There is something for everyone with iMovie.


Garageband IconThis is one powerful application! Musicians, composers and podcasters alike will fall in love with GarageBand. Learning the guitar or piano? Want to build your own virtual band with many genres to choose from?  How about creating background music for your slideshows or digital stories? There is a host of ways to teach patterns, timing, pitch and more using GarageBand.

Then you get into podcasting and creating your own ³radio² shows. Recording classroom news or information about your town has never been easier! Drop a few jingle and effects in the timeline and you have a professional recording ready for prime time. Share your projects on the web or in iTunes for all the world to hear.


This powerful, template driven web authoring software makes it easy to create your web site in style. It¹s the publishing platform for your thoughts, photo galleries, slideshows, videos and anything else you want to share with the world. All the content you create in other iLife applications can be shared through iWeb. Your school server, ESU hosted account, or dot Mac account is your gateway to getting your site shared with your audience.


Create compelling DVDs for end of the year portfolio¹s or classroom memories. Every parent will love a digital history of the creative projects your students create throughout the year. Create a veteran¹s day DVD to share with local veterans. Share school events and activities. All your projects created with iMovie, iPhoto or GarageBand will be treasured as long as DVD players are around!

If you are an ³Apple Shop² and have not looked at the iLife suite, I urge you to do so. Look at what other teachers are doing with iLife and other Apple products at