Apples? Lemons? Christians?


The Giving Trees - From the Gallery Osborne

I was compelled to write tonight in reflection of our sermons this morning. It started with our children’s sermon. What a great way to engage and get the adults thinking about the Gospel and the Gospel Sermon. As Colvin was up front with the other children, I was amazed at how clear the pastor’s analogy was to me. It started with an apple tree. He asked the kids, how can you tell an apple tree? Well, duh! Because it has apples! Okay, so how can you tell a lemon tree? Well, maybe it’s because of those round yellow things dangling from the branches. What’s this have to do with anything? Then, the next question sealed it for me – How can you tell a Christian? Wow! How powerful is that? It should be pretty easy to tell (just like the fruit tree) by the good things we do for others. By going to Church and learning with other Christians. By doing good deeds and going out of our way for others. By our witness to Christ. By modeling and teaching our children that He is the light. By humbly getting on our knees and praying for his guidance, forgiveness and thanking him for the blessings he bestows on us every day. By picking up the Bible and reading his word.

I know I fall short. I am in good company. But as I reflect today I have a few things I’d like to address with myself.

  • Life is fast. Complex. Overwhelming at times. How can I simplify?
  • What is most important?
  • In what aspects of my life can I go “deeper”? Gain a richer understanding.
  • What can I do for others to enrich their lives?
  • What hats do I wear and how can I model a Christian life in each?
  • In this time of giving, what is my gift to humanity? Am I leaving a legacy He would like?

Lastly I come back to one thing: Simply. Simplify in Heart – Mind – Body – Spirit

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    1. I was hoping you’d be able to help out Roger! The more I think about it, the more I am inclined to believe it is about the journey – not the destination. At least this excuse will give me some time to figure things out…

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