What’s the most expensive thing you have ever broken?

This Plinky Prompt spurred a story that I thought you would enjoy. 

So what IS the most expensive thing I have ever broken? Being a boy and growing up with LOTS of energy, I broke a LOT of things! Some on purpose, some not. Was it a stereo? A bike? Crystal that we used for fancy dinners? I did tear an expensive tire off of my dad’s car by accident. (It was icy!) Does that count? The timing chain in my car broke and ruined the engine. But I didn’t really break it – it was just old!

Okay – after a little thought, I don’t think I am not even in the right realm. My NECK is the most expensive thing I have ever broken! C-3, 4, and 5 to be exact. First day of summer vacation. June 6th, 1998. We were itching to get down to the river and into the water! The race was on and I was first! Oops – something happened. Can’t move. That’s a weird feeling. No feeling!

Although that’s the most expensive thing I have ever broken, I’m just glad my mother had fabulous insurance. We would still be in debt almost twenty-five years later.