Nebraska ELA Draft Standards – Word/Phrase Frequency


As ESU 10 and consortium schools embark on a new endeavor of working with the new English Language Arts standards, I thought it would be interesting to see what they would look like from a different perspective. What are the most frequently used words or phrases in this new draft document? Let’s see!

From the downloaded PDF at the NDE website, I converted the file to a text document so I could copy and paste the contents to a frequency counter. Word indicated there were 15,465 words in the document. I did clean it up and modify the text to remove some common words such as: and, to, of, in, a, or, etc.

I then copied the text of the document to the clipboard and pasted it into the website WriteWords. This is where I thought it got interesting. As I read it, the top words were: text, information, appropriate, use, apply, and writing. The next significant five are:  students, mastered, digital, variety, and multiple.


I’m not sure what this means but as an EdTech advocate, I can see where my focus needs to be – appropriate use of information as students read text and apply writing techniques to share their mastery of digital knowledge in a variety of ways. Obviously this is over-simplistic but it may be a starting point.

I then churned out a couple of phrase frequency reports. Here is a two word frequency chart:


Lastly, I used the old tried and true Wordle2014-06-06_10-12-34

What do you take from this?

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