Bucket Seats

I made these for Julie’s classroom. I had asked how Meadowlark used their outdoor classroom/treehouse and she said it doesn’t get used too much because there’s no seating and hard to bring classroom materials, etc., etc. So I got to thinking and designed these bucket seats. Each kiddo has one they can put their supplies, books, whatever in there and not only use them as a seat but for their stuff as well. They have a whiteboard to use as a writing board or a lapboard for other projects/writing/drawing/etc. There is an organizer in there for pencils/markers/erasers/whatever. You can either sit on the bucket or sit beside it and use it as a desk. So many options.

I thought not only would it be good for their outdoor class activities but also good if you just wanted some kids to work out in the hall or really wherever. Portable seat/desk for the students.

And I love the “Let’s Do This” motto on the side of the bucket – could be used as a classroom management concept in that the teacher would say “Let’s do this” and the kids would grab their buckets and line up to go somewhere!

These buckets were about $8/seat. So you could outfit a classroom for less than buying ONE of the green Steelcase buoys we have.

So it is a 5 gal bucket, has an insert for supplies, and I also put in an 8.5×11 white board to write on or use as a lap desk. I made the seats out of plywood. You could purchase those also.

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