A Fitting End

Here is the end of my 365 days in pictures. I thought this picture was a fitting end to this project – although not an end totally. My intention was to use mobile technology to keep the 365 days in pictures alive and well. And for the most part, I did that, using my Blackberry camera phone. I would have like some different features on the BB and it didn’t do what I originally wanted but I know other devices can and do upload pictures directly to WordPress.

Otherwise, what else did I learn from this experience? That I like having a goal. A DAILY goal. I did cheat most of the time by scheduling my pictures but it was nice to have a deadline. I learned that I should take more time to think creatively. It’s a nice change of pace to think about a picture I had not taken before or seeing something that was really cool that I wanted to share with all of you. It got me out of the structured thought process I so revel in most of the time. I also learned that it has been a fun project not only in finding and thinking about good shots or pictures but in reflecting about pictures I had taken. If I were to do it again, I would spend more time thinking about earlier shots and what made them good. Lighting, angle, timing, etc., etc. All those things good photographers do! Reflecting is a good thing and as I look back on this experience, it has made me realize, I need to do something again. So, while I will probably take a week or month off, I do want to do another year-long blog goal. I am thinking about writing more and so maybe look for writing prompts that I may elaborate upon. I have also thought about reflecting on media – videos, audio, and such. What it means to me. If you have some ideas, I am open to suggestions.

Thanks for taking this 365 day journey with me!  Until my next attempt, ciao!

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