Today is Monday!

coffee-791045_1920Yesterday was Sunday… and I heard some very inspirational words yesterday that I’d like to share and believe are applicable to our work. The context: new pastor being installed at Kearney eFree. His mentor, Tom Shirk of Calvary Bible Church, was giving him advice on how to lead the church. (Listen…)

[Note: These are my notes – not necessarily exactly what was said… more what I heard!]

  • “There is danger in knowing more than you can apply.” Take it easy and apply what you know and learn. We all have massive amounts of skills, talents, and knowledge but maybe too much to actually apply.
  • “Failing in love is better than succeeding in pride.” Relationships should be first and foremost in all we do.
  • “We are bigger than the present.” We are going to grow and the seeds we are planting and nurturing are what really matters.
  • “What we are doing is a BIG deal!” We are shaping and nurturing the future of teachers and students. It’s a BIG deal! Be well prepared! Our influence is immeasurable. We should act and prepare accordingly.
  • “Lift up our leaders.” More can be accomplished by lifting others up and recognizing their strengths than criticizing their weaknesses.

So go make a difference this week! What you do matters!