I’m a hands-on kinda guy and so love making, fixing, and just plain doing! Some of the things that I enjoy have to do with my faith journey, family, pet therapy, learning, thinking, technology, digital declutter, and reading. Biggest summer project is helping Colvin with his mowing business. I also enjoy spending time on the water paddle boarding, kayaking, or just reading!


There is something inside me that feels a drive to volunteer. I love serving others in whatever capacity is needed. I currently volunteer for the local CoderDojo hosted by UNK. I also volunteer at our church, Kearney eFree, helping with LifeGroup Leadership. Most recently, our Goldendoodle, Charlie, and I were registered as a pet therapy team with Alliance of Therapy Dogs. With our local Kearney Animal Assisted Therapy group, we are active with the library reading program, hospital visits, local schools, and other events where the pet therapy program is needed.

gord-n-daisy-1Some other past volunteer roles I have been a part of include our homeowner’s association and four and a half years on the Kearney Volunteer Fire Department.  The major accomplishment with our HOA was getting connected with our city wastewater treatment facility. It wasn’t an elegant job, but everyone needs to be able to flush!  When I was with KVFD, I enjoyed fighting fires but my real passion was being on the rescue team. This mostly involved car wrecks but I was also the rope rescue supervisor which was a blast because we got to practice picking people off grain elevators and fun things like that!

[Donations]As a part of volunteering, I feel it’s important to “put your money where you mouth is,” so to speak. Here are a few organizations I support and encourage you to donate or support them however you are able!


*Want to learn more about personal finances? I recommend
Dave Ramsey’s Tools and Resources to start!